Refurbish Repair Reuse Computers – Carmichael, CA

We provide low or no cost refurbished computers and computer support in Carmichael and surrounding communities to the public, low-income students and families, schools, universities, and not for profit organizations.

refurbished computers

WebDezinz specialize’s in local and online computer support – PC repair – virus removal and refurbished computers.

  • Virus & Spyware Removal
  • Remove Spyware & Virus
  • Destroy Pop-ups
  • Secure personals inforamtion and data
  • Clear all error messages


Why Refurbished Computers

Most refurbished computers are as good as new, and some are even better. Refurbished equipment offers the best price.

Microsoft Refurbished PC program members offer additional value because they preinstall genuine Microsoft software, provide data wiping security services, and use environmentally sustainable best practices when refurbishing computers.

When a Registered Refurbisher distributes a refurbished PC to an end user customer, they must include the following:

  • The PC preinstalled with the program license and the original pre-existing COA still affixed to the PC.
  • A new program COA affixed to the PC (or server if supplying Windows Multipoint Server 2011 Premium).
  • A product key information sheet including the product key for that PC or server.
  • Also:
    • If the license is a commercial license, recovery media will be included and the Registered Refurbisher may also include a hard disk based recovery image if they wish.
    • If the license is a citizenship license, there is no recovery media but the Registered Refurbisher may include a hard disk based recovery image if they wish.
    • If the license is for Windows Multipoint Server, you must also include the Client Access License card supplied in the product pack.
    • Depending on the product supplied, printed license terms may also be included.

 What We Accept:

  • Desktop computers: any age/make/condition
  • Laptop computers: any age/make/condition
  • LCD monitors: any age/make/condition
  • Peripherals: mice, keyboards, hard drives, RAM, flash drives, power cords, VGA cables, etc.
  • Tablets: any age/make/condition
  • Any Apple® products
  • Cellphones

We Do Not Accept:

  • CRT Monitors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Shredders
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Household Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lamps or Bulbs

PC Repair

WebDezinz provides free computer support, internet support and phone-based support to non profits. Because WebDezinz is a Microsoft Partner, we have access to the technical tools necessary to offer the best computer support available.

Our computer support services include:

  • Virus detection and removal
  • Hardware troubleshooting and repair
  • Software troubleshooting and repair
  • Small home/business networking
  • Preventive Maintenance

Contact us for more information.

Web Design by WebDezinz

We specialize in web design and computer support. We can provide you a custom web design for one low price. A custom web design can promote your brand and give users a pleasant experience. We offer
  • PC repair
  • virus removal
  • back-up
  • and web design